What I have learned in 20 years?

Life is a precious thing. We learn many things throughout our life. Sometimes we forget some sometimes we forget most. But experiences are the one we carry with us till we end. It's mandatory that we must look back in our life. This gives you the best of you as well as the worst part of you. I thought I must figure out what all the things I have learned so for in my 20 years of life. So let me start queueing it as per my the sequence in my mind.

Always Smile
The smile is one of the best things which delivers best of you from your inside. From my childhood, I have learned this through people and the experience by them as well as by me. Put up a smile on your face always. It also lightens the other who see you. The smile has the greatest power of making the day very best for all. So don't forget to have a smile on your face.
Don't Steal
This is one of the most important things in my life which I learned at my age of 7. I have a bad habit of losing my pencil at school. One day I lost my new Natraj pencil, and I was at fear to face my dad. So I took three rupees from the pooja room kept near vinayagar and brought a new pencil. But these parents have a super power of reading the child mind from their face and my father is extraordinary at that. Suddenly he asked me and found I am guilty. That's the breaking point in my life. From then I left the habit of stealing. Even if I saw any thing around at anywhere I always don't touch it except coins from the ground (got lucky coins for about seven times but no notes till now).
Believe in "changes are for good"
This is one of the first lessons I learned when I entered in my college. The transition to college from school, Home to the hostel, etc., made me think and experience a lot. I personally suggest everyone of you to stay in hostel at least for a year. This will give you lot of experiences.
Keep up to your words
This thing goes both ways for me. Always stick to your words. If you say a thing, then you should be relying on as per that. The next thing doesn't blabber. Sometimes I do that. If you say I will do this, then you must do that without any excuses. That's vital.
Money matters!!
This is the important lesson the world has thought me. Yes, the most of the people rely on money than the relationship. I have a personal experience on that, and I am still experiencing that. Believe me, till these years I found my friends are the only ones who don't care you about money. But many relations rely on you only if you have money.
Be Respectful to all
I didn't know when I learned this thing, but all the credit goes to my nursery teachers and my parents. I always respect each and everyone. Even if it's a child, you have to respect them. Being respect many times comes in handy to solve and do many things, and I have an experience of it.  And value every person in your life from your past and present. I thank everyone for making me the person I am today. So always be respectful to all  :-)
This is one of the things the people and the environment around taught me.  The people surrounded me are truly the best. Hence I am proud to say that I am in as a better human. And I am also ready to say proudly
"Humanity is my religion and people who believe in it are my friends"
Friends - Precious gifts
Friends are very precious gifts awarded by the god for us. Learn to appreciate and accept them as they are. Love them and respect them. They are great souls. They are the only souls in the world who listens to all your anger, happiness, bullshits and say you back the same.
Accept new challenges
Always in a mood of accepting challenges. Every challenge in your life helps you to view your life in a different perspective and makes you grow even stronger.
Don't ever say No to Challenges
Always post up a Yes and I am sure you will end up in a great position of accepting everything.
Criticism helps to improve
I have learned that really criticism helps us to learn and grow from our mistakes. Sometimes you face mockeries and criticism overloaded. Please don't exhaust. Collect best points which really points out your flaw. Then learn from those. This will make the best of us..
Keep Dreaming
This is one of the things I always want to say to everyone. I love to dream, and I usually do it fine. This life lesson has made me start all these, and this dream is a reason why I wrote this post. Everything from me is mostly because of this
These are few things which I always have in my mind. I say it as the best lessons for me in the life. If you have any new findings of your own, comment below. I would like to listen to your experiences which shaped you as the beautiful person you are today.
Love all :-)

Ticking off the Bucket List

Rakesh Shanmugam Bucket list

In this world, everyone likes to dream. Everyone will have some dreams of their own. Some people run towards it and some won't. It depends. But everyone has a bucket list of their own which they wanted to achieve before their end. I too have one. I have several dreams and some focused one. This is one so.. Since 2013, after I took Mechanical Engineering, this one added to my bucket list. I don't know how and why, but, I got the passion for blogging. I wanted to explore, share and create an own space for me to opt out my thoughts. I started to secure a place for me on social media. First, I started it as it was a trend. But then it turned into professionalism for me. I utilized the space to comment my own thoughts on the world. I didn't care who respect or not. But I wanted to do that.
Chase your dreams no matter what
As proceeding to another step towards that and to fulfil those dreams I started with my blog spot blog - www.scribblestoyou.blogspot.com. :-) Gradually self-learning helped me to grow my visitors from zero to 15+. Then I worked on a tech blog exploring some computer tricks since I thought that was a hot topic and many people will visit it. Then I tried the new place, WordPress. Then I easily get used to it and liked the platform. But my idea of blogging didn't satisfy or stopped there. From that time I wanted to start a website for my own. To be true, this is not my first website. This is my third one. Literally its 2nd. I practised my blogging lessons on a site and saw my success with my eyes. I want to thank Mr.Neeraj Sinha for that.
HUMANISM is the best religion to follow 
So, today I have reached here. My own website solely for me to explore myself and to share my thoughts with the world. Today I am ticking off a thing from my bucket list. So today, in my special day I wanted to thank everyone, my parents, friends, brothers and sisters for all their words and blessings.
I have opacus thoughts queued in. I don't know whether I write many things or some best ones here. But I assure I will give some good ones here on "Interesting Info". Subscribe to my blog and get my thought updates in your mail.