Indian Marshal @Sam!!!

There are many unsung heroes in world. They have done many for us. If you read about him you will be making him one of your hero..
Salute ....


What do you meant by Inspire?......

According to Oxford Inspiration is "the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative" or "a sudden brilliant or timely idea".
Inspire is what you really feel about a person in mind specially  when you see or got to know about a person.
If swami Vivekananda is your inspiration then do you know by what you got inspired by him. Which habit of him inspired you?
If mother Terasa is your inspiration do you know about her. Do you know how many struggles she faced. Do you know her life history?
You know she helped many. But do you know whom she helped and how?
There are many unsung Heroes in the world.

Few days before I got to know about some persons. I would really like to share about them with you all..

Malala Yousafzai. She is Pakistan's torchbearer  for girls education. She worked for girls education in in Pakistan. She is really one of great inspiration for many.
Read more about Malala_Yousafzai here...

Next person was 

Arunachalam_Muruganantham ... The man behind the scenes.. His work was great. His history proofs  us "Failure is Stepping Stone for Success".
Read more about Arunachalam_Muruganantham here...

There are many people like this in the world. They are a very great inspiration for all... 



I woke up to see her,
My first friend – My mother!

I purred and painted her with my drool
Made inane sounds with my babble
With a smile…she rocked my cradle!

She sang to me as if I would hear,
She patted and held me dear
To ward off any fear!

I played and bruised,
When I hurt, she winced
Cursed, but nursed!

My dream – A nightmare,
She let me snuggle close
Wiped off a tear and said in my ear
My son, never fear when I am near!
The shortest poem ever – “My Mother”

 By Aravind Kumar Rajendran...

Happy Onam

Usually the people in India especially in Kerala, they celebrate onam festival.
There are many cultural elements followed there.
I wish you all a happy Onam....
Read more about onam here: Onam


The world we live is apart from the dream. Love to Dream. But don’t love to live only in dream. It’s dream which makes one to achieve greater heights. It’s the same dreams, which makes one to die. So be conscious on what you dream……..

       Dream  High!!!!!       Work Hard!!!!!

Be UNIQUE!!!!!!

Play your own styles on all places. Don’t just copy!.. Copying doesn’t make you UNIQUE!!!
 It just make you dumb.


  Life is a decisioned play. 
You want to take decisions how it want to go.
     So be bold to take clear decisions…

Clear decisions paves way for your success!! Wrong leads to Destruction!!