English - The Ecstasy!!

There are many languages in the world. But English is the one which lured many of the countries. Till now it’s the powering language among many nations. In India, this English language started as a brick and mortar stores and now it have created its own firms. English is now a mandatory language. Every discipline requires fluency in English. Sometimes I envy at the English language because my mother tongue has not yet reached its popularity. It is still ramping up in many places.

English has its own ecstasy…!!

Learning Experience

                Everyone is indeed to learn something. Every day, every time we learn something. We can’t say everything is useful for us. But some things are quite, very important. I got an amazing learning experience from a workshop conducted in my college before a day ago. I want to share my thoughts and learning experience with everyone.
It’s an entrepreneur workshop conducted by Amirthatbi (Technology Business Incubator). I wanted to be an entrepreneur after finishing my studies. But I don’t have any clear ideas to achieve my goals. But I have founded it after this workshop.
                 The workshop taught me few things which is going to be very important for me. How to get ideas....? First think of problems!! Then you end up with solutions….. Convert your solutions for a best idea. Bring out your product. Be Unique & out of box. Bring uniqueness to your product. Make your prototype.Marketise it. Sell your best ideas for great capital..
                More than that it’s a new experience for me like running a company. Thanks for everyone for this great timeand for this arrangement.
I would like everyone to get this kind of learning experience……..!!