On Search of Happiness

Almost every one of us are idiots, who search for happiness (sorry, but its true). You see, on our entire life, the only goal everyone wants is "To be Happy". But everyone fails to be happy in many situations or maybe even at their whole life. Have you ever thought and analyzed this happiness and depression pattern?

Happiness is completely based on your Thoughts. The first enemy to destroy your happiness is your "Thoughts on requirements".Yes! There is a difference between need and requirement. Many people around the world still strive to fulfill their needs while many long to fulfill their requirements. Deep down you just need to realize and understand that your requirements are not needs which have to be fulfilled. It's just a thing which may elevate you up for extra comfort.

Very few of us understand those things. There are various things contribute to your sadness even though when you are happy. Best one of them is Social media's. Do you know for what it is been created? Just to be in touch with people, to make new friends & to share information, career interests, ideas, and other forms of expression on virtual communities. But now this has become the place for obsession and addiction. Being truthful, you are very happy and you live a happy life. But longing for things and your greed intrude you easily and make you think that you don't have anything to be happy. And these thoughts not only make you sad but question your existence.

Always remember and say it to yourself - "I am happy". You are blessed with food and shelter. You have beautiful friends to surround you and take care for you. You being a blessed person, you are very happy and you can bring down the happiness to others. Let's cherish Happiness around you by carrying a smile!!


P.S: You can also bring smiles to many children by helping them to learn by joining an NGO and volunteer for teaching the underprivileged kids. You can also help out the needed kids by becoming their scribes. (Mail me for more info & contact)