Few Hundred Steps!

It continued to rain heavy & heavy and we started losing our hopes and adrift. It was an epoch of love and courage to travel and nature was slowly degrading it down on that day. All started on a delightful evening when I was thinking about the next day which is a holiday. A holiday between the work gives an immense pleasure and I was strolling on the balcony thinking of how could I spend it. The whole day turned up with a ring from my phone.

Friend: Dai where are you?
Me: Where nowhere else except my room?
Friend: Tomorrow?
Me: Holiday :)
Friend: We are going to Velliangiri. Come fast. Book an Ola and reach Ramanathapuram.

Fast Fast Fast!!
Me: With whom? When? ....
cling.., Cling..,

Phone Hanged up.

Called him again, Doi how many of us are going and when should I reach there?
There is an Ola micro near, book it from your room and reach soon here. Already a batch is gone! Cling.., ing.,

Okay fine, I can't get any more answer from him. Bragging some things I headed out booking an Ola. As usual, when we are in need, we don't get them fast. Ater 15 mins it reached me and I boarded. It was my first time to Velliangiri and I even don't know where it is. Just heard stories about the 7 hills and the Lord Shiva idol at the top. With no more information about the trip or the people who are joining me, I was heading. After 10 mins of waiting in Ramanathapuram, he came and we started towards Velliangiri. It was around 8 when we started. Trailing towards the destination, in few kilometers trees started to wave their hands and chill breeze hit our splines. My heart recited "It's gonna be a lifetime experience" and I was thrilled towards the travel to the top.

Hope you know about Velliangiri. If not read about it here. It's the par compared spiritual place next to Mount Kailash.

Okay, We 10 people, my 4 friends and 5 friends of friends gathered at the bottom of Velliangiri hills and was preparing for our travel. No one had ever thought that it could happen. We don't even have a clue. Everyone grabbed a bamboo stick which may help in climbing. With a great belief in myself, I rejected having a stick (maybe due to laziness to carry it throughout the journey).
Velliangiri Trip

Happily started with the blessings of Lord Vinayaga and Shiva at the bottom, we started climbing. One by one, Step by step we started moving. It's usually said that First mountain and 7th mountain are toughest while 5th is the easiest. I personally enjoyed the climbing. Decomposing leaves, aged trees, creaking branches, beetles squeaking, insect music, the soil smell and here and there small openings on the roof where moonlight reaches the ground, everything fascinated my travel towards high rises. When almost the first mountain is going to end, it happened.

The clouds started crying. It started slowly and it was a drizzle. And this is the point where the second thoughts on travel started arising in everyone's mind except me. I believe its (Rain) a blessing by God for us. Slowly we moved up and up and the clouds started pouring high and high. As soon as I reached the third mountain I was fully drenched and it started shivering. We all were separated and I was with my three friends. One wants to return back and we tried to move him up. But at last we failed and he returned down. Continued my journey from the 3rd mountain. Reached the 4th one and the rain was heavy and almost everyone returned who were climbing before us stating the path was very slippery.

Almost half past the 4th mountain, my hope disappeared and the questions of surveying started to hit. Of my four friends, only two continued with me and we started thinking more practical and we are questioning ourselves on every next step. Few hundred steps already crossed. Half past I am standing. But with no hope! The climate continued to stay as it is and I forced myself to return back. Everyone who came with us returned back. I fell down two to three times on return due to slippery path

It was one of the nicest experience in my life. Even though I am adrift still I am happy to visit that place on that day at that time. It was morning 6.15 when I returned. Almost spent 7 hours in the hills and reached an altitude of about 3500 ft. Lifetime experience!! Few Hundred Steps!!!