The Year of Reading

I believe this year is going to be very rememberful. Yes, I think some miracles are going to happen this year. Many things are awaiting! With all my passages for higher education has been closed indefinitely, but I think this year is gonna be the best reading year. Never felt like this before..

Rakesh Shanmugam Blog

Whatever you read, it doesn't matter anyway. Ultimately what you get from it, what is your resultant thoughts from your reading are going to make the change in you. Yes, the change! In you means in you and around you.. This change makes you learn, grow, and subtly make you great. Yes, I feel it and it's just not words from me. After 4 years of observation over various classes of people, I came to a conclusion of this. Just look back. At present, you can't find a change in you. But when you look back you can learn the values you gathered in your life. The life values!! So what matters to you most? To me, my ambition, helping others and Humanity.  Ask this question to yourself. These kinds of questions will help you acknowledge your needs to yourself. And finally, believe in you!

With all those questions and beliefs I am on my way. Started January with Wise and otherwise, February with Lovely Bones, and March to be with Testimony!! But before all this, I think I must thank a special soul in my life. She involuntarily, unknowingly dragged me into the world of books. Yeah, she doesn't know this till now. She ignited the lying love of books in me. With a small spark, now its flamming over!! Thank you Arunalakshmi Ramu, a cousin different from the whole family which is the best attraction towards her.

So if you have any recommendations for reading, just hit it below on comments and I will sure try to read it.. Happy reading!

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