Let May Blossoms

Let May Blossoms

Hello Everyone, It's been months I have written. As I grow up I was introduced to various information's  every day. Yet I wanted myself to be updated on various fields. So today I just came this corner to write something which clutters in my mind.

Today May 1st. Do you know what's special today? Yep, I have a list. Really I was feeling glad to know some info on this day. The only thing I know about this day is its "Workers Day" (Ulaipalar Dinam). But when I opened the social accounts what I knocked was Mr.Ajith, actor birthday. I am sad myself as many people don't share the info about Swami Vivekananda and Ulaipalar Dinam.

You see today was the day where Ramakrishna Mission established. In Tamilnadu, this is a day we contribute our thanks to all the workers, especially to farmers. Today Anupama Gokhale, the first women in the history of Indian chess to win an All-India level International Tournament. Today is Gujarat Glory day and Maharastrasha divas as well. So I think this day has a hell lot to share including your interests.

And personally, today is one of the memorable days for me as I pitched my important place for online reputation.

So that's all my clutters currently. Well, I join with you all on my next post which is going to be a stimulating one :-)