Journey on beaten track

It's somewhere around noon. The sun has dawned. I am single. Don't no where I am standing. The way itself showed its a beaten track. I am somewhere middle in an unknown place. I have to move on now.
With lots of confusions and many thoughts in the mind, I start travelling. I was bit scared. Don't know what to do. My thoughts totally disintegrated into lots of faces. Each and every step I take, there was no confidence in me that I have chosen the correct path. I wished to see a trace on my way. I wished to get help from someone. hope is always there. But I didn't get any help. My journey continued for few hours. I didn't face any struggles till now. But now a problem occurred. My path split into two.
what path I want to choose. is a big thing going in my mind. Finally I came to a decision. "Whatever path you follow your destination has to be achieved" That's the aim. Now I decided a path.
I strive to achieve my goal from this way.