Deepavali - The Lost Charm

Diwali has lost its charm. Yes, it is. These days Diwali is not like those which is used to be when I was a kid (PS. Still I'm a kid). In my childhood, the vibes of Diwali will be there at least for a month. When the Diwali month/before strikes on the calendar, the first thing I will be thinking is of new dress and crackers purchase. Before 30 days the Diwali dress will be purchased and will be stored in the cupboard. Every time I open it, I will be thinking of the Diwali day and will be counting the days to wear it. And then comes the cracker purchase. There will be demand from me and negotiations from my parents. The supply curve changes according to time. But it will be interesting and very happy to see all your demands have met on the day of Deepavali. And the best part is the next day school after holidays where we all will be in our colour dress.. That makes the festival very interesting.

But these days I can't find the charm of that Deepavali. Nowadays what comes to my mind about Diwali is 2/3 days continuous leave and I can go to hometown to be happy. Still, I feel the hole happiness as before but everything in a very different way. But that excitement and charm can't be seen on these days kids. Just thinking about all now, I feel they have lost the way of lifestyle and the happiness it brings. They consider as another holiday but with few additional joy. They are not so eager about new dresses since they buy whenever they go shopping with their parent. They go shopping frequently, at least a month. Thus they lost the happiness of a new dress. And for crackers and other things, kids directly get everything they demand, without any negotiations. They lost that happiness too.

But we still have many kids around us who don't get any of these and they struggle to lead a life.
So what's the way to bring back the charm in everyone? There are many other ways these festivals can be celebrated and I was very glad about one of them. I've seen some people take their family to ashrams and homes to celebrate their day with them. Many people spend their holidays with kids who need attention and they teach them the values of life. Many volunteer on NGO's and they bring the change. And I think this can bring up the lost charm and happiness in every one of our lives. So from this year lets pledge to help few, those who are in need. Let's celebrate a green Diwali and let us modify our old tradition. Maybe this becomes the meaning of your life and who knows what changes you bring to many? Let this festival of lights bring in hopes for all and Light in many darkened lives. Happy Diwali!!

So where & how to help and volunteer?
As far my knowledge, Here is two NGO's where you can help and volunteer for the needs.
Deepam is one of the best organization which serves unprivileged children in various localities for their  education
Bhumi, another great NGO and they help many kids by various programs in India. They have a big volunteer base and help many.

You can join these NGO and can help many in need. The WhatsApp link to both NGO operating at Coimbatore is attached. Else drop me a message and I will get you a contact for your location to volunteer.

Once again Happy Diwali, the festial of lights.

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