Children's Day in My Point of View

Today I am not here for wishing happy children's day. Today it's time to refer some of my thoughts to you all. Wishing the children is not enough for this day. On one of my post before stating No Caption I shared some pictures which show the acts that are against the children. It's referred that Jawaharlal Nehru loved children and to contribute to him we are celebrating his birthday as a Children's Day.

But in my point of view this day can be utilized for the current situation. These days there are many unethical things still happening in India against the children. Child Labour, Child Trafficking, Infanticide etc.., Google it once. you will get the detailed info of child deaths due to insufficient nutrition and other problems. So there are many things like this happening around us. Take this day, use this day as a day to protect children from these abuses. There are different kinds of laws, but there are not well up to mark, as of now it seems to be. So this day, everyone try to help the orphan kids and don't ever indulge in any of the activities which affect the children. Even don't smoke before the children.

Have happy days ahead :)

Diwali - Festival of Light

Hello friends,
Happy Diwali to you and your Family

                   Today is one of the special days. There are tons of things to talk about this day. In Indian traditional, there is a long great story for this day. And this day is one of the most welcomed days by me because in my surroundings, irrespective of caste and religion everyone celebrate this day. Even whole India will be celebrating.
                   This originated from Hindu rituals. The story is very long to conclude because it teaches many practises and approaches for better human life. This festival of light starts with oil and water bath at morning and continued by crackers. Everyone irrespective of age, love to burst some crackers this day. And there will be lots of sweets and many things will be prepared in the home. So this festival is a two in one :v.
                   This day whole relations gather to enjoy. Neighbours share sweets with other neighbours. This day serves as a day to build good relationships too. We can enjoy good dishes. Veg and Non-Veg irrespectively.

On this great day, I have an obligation to all of you. If you are reading this then you are mature enough for care for others.  So please enjoy this day with all things except the crackers. If you love just burst a single one. Then finish it off. I care for nature and I know you all care for this cause. So please enjoy this day without polluting.

Happy Diwali wishes to you and your family. Iniya deepavali thirunal nal vazhthukal J